Cella is Going Fully Remote

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Cella announced today that they are embracing a 100% remote work model. After working remotely for more than a year, the creative, marketing, and digital staffing & consulting firm will continue to embrace this model. 

Every week new surveys appear showing how employees want to continue working remotely. Despite some companies calling employees back to the office, the trends continue to prove that remote work is not going anywhere. Most companies are all-in for hybrid models, but others are one step further by shifting to a fully remote work model. 

Cella and Its New Remote Model

The nationwide consulting, staffing, and managed solutions firm discovered that all of its corporate teams demonstrated that the quality of their work wasn’t affected by working from home. Collaboration, quality, and productivity levels significantly increased, making the leadership team take a drastic decision. They are not returning to the office. Their new policy consists of transforming the company from onsite to fully remote permanently. 

Last year, when they had to transform their operations and strategies to entirely virtual ones, the company focused on helping employees appropriately adapt to the remote environment. Furthermore, they encourage work-life balance by offering unlimited paid time off, rest and wellness days, quiet days with no video meetings. Now they decided to continue working under this model: 

At Cella, our passion is to match the right people with the right roles in the right places, and we have long believed in the promise of flexible work arrangements. Our shift to a fully virtual working environment codifies that belief for our employees. Cella’s recent In-House Creative Industry Report found that the need for quality digital talent still remains high, but that the adaptability, creativity and resiliency of our teams allowed us to be there for our customers at a critical time. Our new policy helps us retain this operational and organizational excellence. Rob Canjob, Cella CEO. 

The company is going fully remote; however, they are not closing down their offices. Instead, they’ll redesign the current office space into meeting and conferencing spaces for those teams who wish to meet onsite. Also, Cella talent will continue to visit clients on site, so not all procedures will transform into remote ones. 


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