Survey Reveals that 82% of Canadian Public Servants are Engaged in Partial or Full-Time Remote Work

City in Canada
A significant number of public servants continue working remotely for at least part of their job.

A survey by the Global Government Forum of more than 1,300 public servants revealed that 82% of Canadian public servants continue to work remotely, including 19% who work remotely full-time.

Previously, research by the Global Goverment Forum found that 89% of Canadian government employees were working remotely in early 2022.

Its more recent survey indicates that while the number of remote employees is slightly lower, remote working remains popular for public servants, even as the government is encouraging to get more staff in the offices. 

In March 2022, the Canadian government started creating procedures to bring thousands of public servants back to offices, but such moves led to disputes between staff and employers that led to a two-week-long strike by 120,000 Canadian public servants earlier this year.

In the agreement reached to resolve the dispute, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the government have established “enhanced and updated” remote work terms that will provide government officials with added safeguards in situations where remote work decisions are made arbitrarily.


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