Canada Will Launch a Digital Nomad Plan


Canada’s federal government announced on Tuesday that it plans to launch a digital nomad strategy for foreigners who wish to work remotely in Canada. It’s one of five initiatives Otttawa plans to implement with the purpose of attracting global tech talent to the country. 

“There’s no question, as borders opened up, that we are in a global race for the same pool of talent with competitors around the entire world. Now, in my view, Canada is winning that race, and we might be winning it, but I think we can win by an even larger margin.”

Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigtration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser

    Fraser unveils Canada’s digital nomad plan, allowing foreign workers to stay and work in the country for up to six months. 

    The initiative aims to attract talent with the option to extend their stay if they receive a job offer. Other countries like Bali, Portugal, and Spain have similar programs. Fraser also announces a stream to enable 10,000 H-1B visa holders from the US to work in Canada. 

    Additional plans include a dedicated pathway for STEM sector workers, faster processing times for work permits, and an increase in spaces for the Start-up Visa Program. Start-up visa applicants and their families will receive open work permits for three years while awaiting application completion.


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