Businessolver Embraces Remote-First Work Policy

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Businessolver announced its new Workplace Anywhere policy, where they state that they are transforming into a remote-first company. Employees will be able to work from any geographic and physical location. The company’s internal surveys proved how their employees’ productivity and engagement increased when working from home during 2020.  

2020 was an experiment for most companies who weren’t sure if the remote work model would succeed. Surveys, research, and studies keep demonstrating that virtual teams can thrive, even during a pandemic.

Big tech companies such as Twitter, Salesforce, Dropbox, to name a few, have already started to rearrange their working structure permanently. And Businessolver recently announced that their employees would continue to benefit permanently from a flexible model. 

Workplace Anywhere – Businessolver Remote-First Policy

2021 State of Workplace Study is Businessolver’s research-backed study where they find out, after making surveys and understanding in-depth the remote work impact, that work location flexibility directly relates to high employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. The HR technology leader’s internal surveys led to the same conclusion: employees want to keep working remotely.

This year, we’re again following the data in creating Workspace Anywhere, our initiative to keep our Solvers engaged and productive, and allow us to add new Solvers to our ranks who have our shared commitment to high performance and client delight—without the constraints of shared geography. With this initiative, we will no longer require an in-office force, but rather encourage employees to choose the workspace that is the right fit for them. Jon Shanahan, Businessolver CEO and President

When the company had to shift forcibly to remote work because of the pandemic, leaders started seeing positive results in its employees’ attitudes. According to their internal survey, employees felt more engaged and connected to the company after a month of remote work. And the organization’s attrition rates were 4.5% lower in 2020 than in 2019.

These are some of the key findings in their 2021 State Workplace Empathy Study:

  • 93% of employees say the ability to work remotely is a sign of employer empathy.
  • 89% of employees who had the option to work remotely report satisfaction with their employer, 15 percentage points higher than those who did not have the option.
  • 66% of employees say they are more productive working remotely.

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