British Columbia: No More Remote Work Mandate

Remote working
Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

Employers in B.C. are no longer required to allow employees to work remotely.

On Thursday, health officials updated the public safety order for workplaces where they can now remove a paragraph that previously was a mandate for employers to “allow workers to work from their private residence, if possible, given the nature of the work involved.”

Work that had to be done in the workplace was the lone exception.

COVID safety plans are still required for employers, and masks are still required in indoor settings.

“The province and the PHO recognize that every workplace is different. Many workplaces will be able to transition to in-person work again quickly. Others may wish to continue with remote or hybrid models. Workplaces and businesses are encouraged to choose the option that works best for them.”the statement issued by the province

In the fall, some workplaces began to ease back into work routines. In response to the newest wave of Omicron transmission, companies were forced to renew their COVID safety plans in early January.

The announcement on Thursday follows a broad loosening of prohibitions on social gatherings. For restaurants, clubs, weddings, and other planned indoor events, all prohibitions on personal gatherings have been eliminated, as have capacity limits.

Many places have now removed the remote work mandate. However, remote work is still on the rise and as more employees seek remote jobs, employers are also willing to provide flexible options when searching for the right talent. Moreover, giving a remote work option makes people feel more included.

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