Remote Work Options Make Employees 93% More Likely to Feel Included

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Alliance Virtual Offices researchers analyzed millions of employees to understand how remote work impacts individuals´ wellbeing. They found that remote work options make employees 93% more likely to feel included. Additionally, telecommuting adds $8B back into the economy. 

Remote work before the pandemic was already considered beneficial for many. Mostly because it helped employees improve their quality of life. However, during the pandemic, remote work became more challenging. But new studies find that employees still want to continue working from home than in the office for several reasons.

Alliance Virtual Offices Remote Work Study

According to Alliance Virtual Offices, employees thrive when given the option to choose the way they want to work. Furthermore, if they are given the choice between working from home or the office, a significant majority prefer working remotely. 

The study focused on discovering what impact remote work has on employees’ mental and physical health and their lifestyle.

These are the key findings: 

  • Remote work options increase diversity and equity
  • Offering parents remote work options can put $8B back into the economy
  • When given remote work options, employees are 22% more productive
  • Remote work reduces stress by 39%
  • Without proper office equipment, 46.9% are more likely to gain weight.
  • Those with the option of working remotely are 94% more likely to feel included. 

Read the full report here 


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