80% Of Bosses Regret Earlier Return-To-Office Plans

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80% of bosses regret their initial return-to-office decisions. Most of them say they would have approached their plans differently if they had a better understanding of what their employees wanted.

This is according to new research from Envoy, where they interviewed more than 1,000 U.S. company executives and workplace managers who work in person at least one day per week. 

“Many companies are realizing they could have been a lot more measured in their approach, rather than making big, bold, very controversial decisions based on executives’ opinions rather than employee data,” Larry Gadea, Envoy’s CEO and founder.

Some leaders agreed it´s a challenge to measure the success of in-office policies, while others said it’s been hard to make long-term real estate investments without knowing how employees might feel about being in the office. 

As of July, 59% of full-time employees are back to being 100% on-site, while 29% are in a hybrid arrangement and 12% are completely remote according to new data from WFH Research. 


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