The Black Girl Tribe: A Co-working To Empower Black Girls

co-working Black girls

Venture X is the new headquarters for The Black Girl TRIBE in the DC area. The Arlington co-working space is partnering with a nonprofit to empower Black girls.

The Black Girl TRIBE is a dynamic organization committed to empowering Black girls. The organization won a $100,000 grant from Nike during the last year.

The co-working for Black girls is to offer concrete opportunities to grow professionally and individually. With leadership and mentoring programs, The Black Girl TRIBE wants to create a space to prepare women of all ages and ethnicities. And the aim is to provide tools to face contemporary challenges. So, fostering a vibrant and sharing environment, the co-working owner provides free office space for nonprofits. 

During the pandemic, the organization had to keep physical participation to a minimum. However, the co-working space is a safe space to meet and learn. Partnering with Venture X, the goal is to directly connect with the local community, hosting several events and meetups. And now, the new project of a co-working for Black girls.

The Venture X co-working opened in May, immediately reaching 75% capacity. More people are willing to share the workspace to improve productivity or networking, thanks to hybrid and remote arrangements. So, this trend becomes an occasion to create a local hub for entrepreneurs and remote workers. 

Because of their mission, The Black Girl TRIBE is the first organization Venture X is partnering with. As co-working owner Julie Felgar says: “Between 10-14, the foundation of a young lady’s self-esteem is set. Being around powerful role models — being with a like group of young ladies and a like group of adults who are empowering them — is really critical to their self-esteem.”


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