No Remote Work Options? Say Goodbye To 58% Future Candidates

man working from home
A man works at a laptop in the interior of a home kitchen. Remote work during crisis and quarantine periods.

According to Pro Unlimited’s Labor Market Report, employers will miss out on 58% of future candidates without hybrid or remote work options. 

PRO Unlimited is an Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) platform, provider. According to their latest Labor Market Report, most people prefer hybrid and remote work options. If we ever get to a post-pandemic scenario, 89% of U.S. Workers would like to continue with hybrid or remote work options. Indeed, 60% of workers migrated to less expensive locations keeping the same position with diverse incentives.

In addition, the report shows that employers risk losing 58% of future candidates without remote arrangements. Based on a Q3 2021 survey of 300.000 U.S. workers, here are the report’s key findings:

  • 36% of workers earning $65/hour moved to more affordable towns like Tucson, Las Vegas, and Sacramento. Only 34% of tech workers moved out of California. But 66% changed cities. 
  • 88% of workers prefer remote work for lack of commute, money savings (71%), and flexible schedule (67%).
  • The Tech industry is the one with the most remote work options. 66% of employees prefer to work remotely full-time, and 34% only accept full remote positions. Finally, 61% and 47% of software engineers want full-time remote roles.

As the pandemic forces new restrictions, hybrid, and remote work options are still the most popular options among employers and employees alike. 


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