Top 3 Best U.S. Cities For Remote Workers In 2023

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Forbes Advisor researched the best U.S. cities for remote workers in 2023.

The study examined 100 U.S. cities and metro areas and ranked them based on the earning potential of remote workers, internet access, lifestyle amenities, worker friendliness, living costs, and more.

Miami holds the number one spot for multiple reasons. Not only is it known for warm weather and beautiful beaches, its living and housing costs are very reasonable. It also offers a low unemployment rate of 2.1%, plus many entertainment and dining attractions. We can’t forget its impressive internet speeds and widespread access to free Wi-Fi.

Indianapolis is also a great place for remote workers and holds the N2 spot. It earned a fairly high score in every category of our study thanks to its low cost of living, friendly environment, fast internet connection and abundance of Wi-Fi hotspots. Indianapolis’ median household income of $67,330 means you can earn a good living without stepping into an office every day.

The third best city for remote workers is Omaha, which is known for its vibrant culture and population. It boasts an incredibly low unemployment rate of 2% and is also highly affordable, with a medium home cost of $231,100 and an average rent cost of $8,336. Plus, it offers speedy internet and many Wi-Fi hotspots throughout town.


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