3 Best Texas Cities for Remote Work

Texas remote work
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Three North Texas cities made the list of the 50 Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers in a recent RentCafe report: Plano (ranked 23rd), Dallas (ranked 42nd), and Fort Worth (46th).

These indicators included cost of living, number of homes with short-term leases, rental demand, number of high-quality apartments, short-term rentals, rental rates, coworking spaces, internet speeds, and more. Officials examined more than 150 locations to create this list.

Dallas Statistics

  • Starting with shared workspace choices that are far less crowded than in other locations – 608 remote workers per coworking space — Dallas has everything remote workers need. Furthermore, internet connectivity is available in 65% of residences (92.2 Mbps).
  • The average apartment in Dallas has 848 square feet, which is large enough to set aside space for a home office. High-end rentals account for 48.3% of all rentals, giving the city bonus marks for comfort.
  • Dallas has solutions if work-life balance is a deal-breaker for remote workers. In addition to fantastic parks and a vibrant social scene, 90% of apartments have fitness facilities, and the city experiences over 200 sunny days annually.
  • It is simple for professionals who want to temporarily relocate to Dallas to search for short-term apartments. Short-term leases are available in over 13% of flats, and occupancy levels surpass 65%.
  • Short-term leases typically cost $158 per day, which dropped the city’s ranking for affordability.

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