Best Cities for Work-life Balance (And Remote Work)

Oslo, Norway

According to a study by Kisi, mobile access technology company, the best city for work-life balance is Oslo. And the best one for working remotely is Singapore. The study took different factors into account, such as work intensity and quality health care.

The pandemic not only had an impact on the way people worked but also on how they lived. For many, especially those who centered work around their lives, this drastically changed. From moving to different states or even countries to quitting their job to achieve a better life balance, remote work and flexibility are the main factors currently being prioritized.  

Best Cities for Work-life Balance

These are the top 10 cities that are considered to offer the best work-life balance:

  1. Oslo
  2. Bern
  3. Helsinki
  4. Zurich
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Geneva
  7. Ottawa
  8. Sydney
  9. Stuttgart
  10. Munich

In terms of remote work, the cities vary as the study considered all the factors required to successfully work remotely (wifi, coworking spaces, infrastructure, etc.). These are the best cities for remote work:

  1. Singapore
  2. Washington
  3. Austin
  4. Bern
  5. Zurich
  6. Geneva
  7. San Francisco
  8. Boston
  9. Stockholm
  10. Liverpool 

On the other hand, cities with the most overworked populations, according to the study, are Dubai, Hong Kon, Kuala Lumpur, Montevideo, Tokyo, and Bangkok, among others. 


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