Beijing: Quarantine Relax and Switching to Remote Work

After the new Covid wave, Beijing forced restrictions and measures again. Some areas are at risk, imposing quarantine and switching to remote work. 

While some countries seem to live in a post-covid scenario, others deal with restrictions and quarantines. Beijing put measures on some residential communities, imposing quarantines and switching to remote work.

According to a survey, most employees keep working from home even with lifted restrictions. However, the majority of respondents will return to the office after the Spring Festival holiday and one in four work at the office. Even if 16.7% of companies adopt flexible models, physical labor increased again. 

With the new wave, Beijing is imposing new quarantine and switching to remote work. As one of the residents describes: “The community where I live was placed into closed-off management on April 25. That means we need to stay at home most of time and cannot leave the area. I spend most of my time working, because I can handle lots of work matters online. But we are free to go downstairs and move around the community. I walk around the neighborhood every day to talk with my neighbors.”

Even with vaccinations, quarantines and switching to remote work are still popular strategies to control the consequences of the virus. 


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