Bank Workers Given Ultimatum If They Don’t Go To The Office

women working together
Nearly two-thirds of EPA staff said in a survey they would leave the agency if telework flexibilities were reduced.

Staff at US Bank Citi were given an ultimatum. Those who do not come into the office at least three days a week could have their bonuses docked.

Employees have been formally told they are being tracked and informed that ‘one swipe, per person, per location will be captured’.

Bosses are monitoring access pass use to establish how often the 12,500 UK employees are at their desks across their offices in London, Edinburgh, and Belfast.

Workers could face financial penalties, with the company saying it has ‘firm expectations for office attendance.

Other banks are also increasing their efforts to get staff back in the office. Lloyds Banking Group is now monitoring swipe cards of its 40,000 staff who would normally work in the office and wants them in for at least two days a week.

The 18,500 UK staff of HSBC UK have also been ordered to work from offices for three days a week from next month.


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