First Backpack Power Station for Digital Nomads 

backpack power station digital nomads

Hikerpower launches the first backpack power station for digital nomads. The new gadget allows double travel distance; is fully waterproof; has an ergonomic back support system; provides a particular lighting system for days and nights. 

After the pandemic, outdoor locations to work became a popular alternative for most remote workers. However, people need specific tech solutions to work outdoor for a laptop with stable Internet.  

Hikerpower takes inspiration from hikers, campers, and digital nomads. Its devices are for those who seek different alternatives for outdoor activities. So, the first backpack power station for digital nomads combines the backpack and power supply. As a result, it provides an efficient solution to traditional power stations.

In short, the backpack power station for digital nomads includes:

  • The 600Wh and 1000W power support go with 3C products; drones; cameras; GoPros; projectors; and e-bikes. 
  • Multiple charging ports including two AC ports; three USB3.0 ports; one Type-C port; one car charging port; and one DC port.
  • First side-plug AC outlet for outdoor tools, e-bikes, or scooters to extend the user’s workspace.
  • Ergonomic back support system and lightweight (18lbs).
  • LiFePO4 Battery, stable internal structure, and a BMS safety management system.
  • Four colors of lighting and three modes for users’ safety outdoors nigh activities.
  • 3D rainproof cover to protect the backpack power station.
  • 120W portable solar charging, providing 75% energy conversion efficiency (7 hours for 100% charge).

To recap, this backpack power station for digital nomads can be an expense. And it’s still an evolving project. However, it provides an innovative solution for those who travel and work. As remote work becomes more popular, new tools and solutions pop up to improve outdoor experiences with technology. 

Image source: Kickstarter


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