Baby Boomers Are Most Likely To Prefer Flexible Work

man working remotely
A new study found baby boomers are the most likely to prefer flexible and remote work.

According to a new study by Fiverr, baby boomers are the most likely to be on board when it comes to remote work. 

The study surveyed 9,129 employees and freelancers, including 2,008 in the U.S. It reported that 40% of baby boomer respondents supported working remotely, either at home or in different locations.

Comparatively, 32% of Gen X preferred remote work, along with 29% of millennials. When it comes to in-office work, 36% of the Gen X workers and 32% of millennial employees surveyed supported it.

Likewise, baby boomers were least likely to want to work in a private or shared office. Less than a quarter said working in an office was their preference.

Following the study, Michal Miller Levi, the senior director of market research and insights at Fiverr, released a statement.

“Research has shown that the corporate work structure often fails to accommodate the needs of diverse talent, from young workers to parents, who thrive with flexibility and control over their work lives. To recruit diverse talent, organization leaders will need to stop emphasizing working hours and instead focus on skills and output.”


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