Atlassian Plans to Redesign its Austin Office For Remote Working


Atlassian is planning to completely redesign its Austin office to adapt it to its recent remote working policy. The new office design aims to contribute to the equal participation of remote and office workers. 

As companies continue implementing remote working policies, their physical offices are experiencing changes. In some cases, building opened spaces is due to the COVID-19 protocols, but in others, the design focuses on building new collaborative spaces that adapt to hybrid work. 

Atlassian New Office Design 

The $94 billion software giant currently has 700 Austin-based employees, and it’s expecting to grow that number to over 1,000. In April, the company announced that after experiencing a positive experience with remote work, they would be shifting towards a virtual work model as it would help the company seek ‘’amazing and diverse talent, with no limit to the physical footprint of our offices.”

Aligned with that announcement, Atlassian is now looking for modern solutions to enable its current Austin office with the perfect space for the equal participation of both remote and onsite workers. 

The company aims to redesign the office focusing more on:

  • Common spaces.
  • Adding almost three times as many phone booths for taking private video calls.
  • Building ‘’focus’’ pods. 

Other Companies Redesigning their Offices due to Remote Work

Other companies are taking similar actions, redesigning their offices to build a more collaborative space that makes sense with a hybrid working structure. Some examples are:

  • Salesforce: The company will experience a 40% reduction in desks to create more open spaces. 
  • Spotify is also reducing the number of desks and shifting toward floor plans with team-focused ‘’neighborhoods’’ with spaces for individual and collaborative work.
  • WeWork: More open spaces and touchless coffee machines will be implemented that work by scanning a QR code. 

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