Atlassian CEO On Remote Work “Their Work is a Vocation Not a Location” 

Scott Farquhar, the founder and CEO of the Australian software company Atlassian, remains supportive of remote work policies. He only goes to the office once every three months. During an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes, he mentioned that most of his employees prefer working remotely, and he doesn’t see any problem with that. 

In August 2020, Atlassian implemented a hybrid work policy due to the pandemic that enabled the staff from any of the 13 countries where the company is to work remotely. 

In the past year, many of the employees lived one or two hours away from the office, making many avoid attending constantly to the office.

Farquhar states that there has been no harm in productivity or company culture. He mentioned:

“Their work is a vocation, not a location. We expect people to be able to work from home, from a cafe, from an office, but we don’t really care where they do their work – what we care is about the output that they produce.”


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