ASC Implements New Temporary Remote Work Policy

The U.S. Army Sustainment Command recently unveiled a new temporary remote work policy that was in development for months. The policy aims to provide more workplace flexibility and opportunities for current and future ASC employees.

Matt Sannito, ASC deputy to the commanding general, has been advocating for a hybrid work policy for a while now. The goal is to recruit new workers and to retain skilled, experienced workers of ASC.

“You can hear almost every Army senior leader talk about the fight for talent, and it’s absolutely true, and it’s happening right now. Just in the last six months, we have probably lost a dozen superstars because they have found 100% remote work or 100% telework positions in other Army commands and other federal agencies.” Matt Sannito

Sannito said they lost workers to companies and other commands that are more telework and remote work friendly. While teleworking has been available for many years at ASC, remote work is a newer opportunity for the workforce. 

The decision of whether an employee is eligible for temporary remote work is up to the individual and supervisor.

However, there is a two-level approval/disapproval authorization process, so if there is a dispute between an employee and their supervisor over the ability to temporary remote work, either the ASC deputy to the commander or the Army Field Support Brigade commander will make the final decision on eligibility.

Sannito said the temporary remote work eligibility for employees will allow a better home/life balance and give some employees more freedom in terms of where they live while still working for ASC.


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