New ‘Digital Business Card’ Feature For iPhone 13

digital business card

The latest Apple devices are designed to facilitate remote work. With the new iPhone 13 release, the company launches new accessories for digital nomads. So, the latest is an iPhone case that works as a digital business card.

The company launched affiliate accessories like HomePod line, bricks, cables, MagSafe wallets, or screen protectors with last May releases. The focus remains on remote work. As a result, for the new iPhone 13, Apple starts a collaboration with Nomad for new iPhone cases. 

The upcoming iPhone 13 lineup cases include a new ‘Digital Business Card’ feature. It allows sharing a digital business card with contact phone, name, social network, and other business information. The NFC-enabled chip in the case safely stores details and info. Thanks to the chip, iPhone users can share contact information simply by tapping their iPhones.

So, Nomad presents three different styles for cases: 

First, the first series features three ‘Modern Leather Cases’ including thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) to guarantee extra protection. These cases with digital business cards are compatible with MagSafe, and include wireless charging docks, reinforced speaker ports, and a 10ft. Drop. This series costs $59.95.

Second, two ‘Modern Leather Folio’ cases provide the same features as the first ones. In addition, they add folio with three card slots, one cash slot, and dual lanyard attachment points. This series costs $79.95.

Finally, the series ‘Sports Case’‘ is made of a scratch-resistant PET-coated polycarbonate frame. It included a high grip backplate, TPE bumpers, a camera ring, metal buttons, and a microfiber interior. This series cost $39.95 and is available in more colors. 

Image credit: Nomad

To preorder the case, look here

From devices to accessories, tech companies aim to meet digital nomads’ needs. The digital business card is one of the latest examples of this new trend


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