68% Of Americans Report Working On Vacation

woman working remotely

68% of Americans report that they work on vacation, according to a May survey from online learning platform Elvtr. The study polled 1,800 U.S. workers and 500 from Canada.

What are the main reasons? Massive layoffs left companies across industries with less labor power. With smaller company staff, employees have found themselves with heavier workloads.

All the while, record inflation has left people with less spending power. This is why many are not going on vacation at all. 

According to a report by market research firm Harris Poll and the HR software platform Ceridian, 67% of American employees who planned to take a summer vacation this year say that might no longer be possible.

Over a third say it’s because travel has gotten too expensive due to inflation, while another 32% either attribute it to the fact that their job has become too busy or there is no one to handle their workload.

The ability to work from anywhere used to be a remote work perk, but now the “workation” seems mandatory. It´s important to take some time off to avoid stress and work burnout.


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