55% of Americans Are Looking for a New Job

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A recent survey by Bankrate revealed that 55% of Americans are most likely to look for a new job within the next months. Some of the respondents are either employed or actively looking for a job. In other words, they are still part of the workforce. According to the survey, 28% of working Americans who are not looking for a new job still expect a different position later in the year. 

There are different reasons why Americans are looking for more job opportunities. In some cases, the main reason is that they want to continue working remotely. In other cases, it’s because as the pandemic shifted the priorities and lifestyle of many, it made them reevaluate what they want out of their careers. 

The New (Remote) Priorities of the American Workforce 

The pandemic inspired changed and made people give a second thought about their careers and priorities. Bankrate surveyed to find out more about these changes. According to Mark Hamrick, Bankrate senior economic analyst, and Washington bureau chief, as most Americans have stayed at home for more than a year, they are searching for new employment opportunities. 

He said:

Pandemic-inspired changes, including the ability to work remotely and/or from home, have transformed mindsets and expectations for many workers.

These are some of the survey key findings:

  • 55% of Americans say they’re either actively looking for a job or will be next year.
  • 56% of Americans prioritize flexible work arrangements, 53% higher pay, and 47% job security.
  • 41% expect to work remotely at least one day a week.
  • 21% of U.S. adults lost income or became unemployed during the pandemic. 

Another interesting finding from the result is that the majority who said they would be looking for a new job are younger Americans, lower-wage workers, and minorities – all these groups struggled the most during the pandemic. 


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