Amazon Workers Vow To Quit Over Return-To-Office Mandates


In Amazon´s Seattle headquarters, employees have vowed to quit next week in frustration over layoffs and the return-to-office mandate recently enforced.

Plans for the walkout were announced on Monday as workers claimed ‘morale feels like it’s at an all-time low’. At least 1,000 Amazon workers will join the walkout, which is planned for exactly one week after the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

This comes after employees were ordered to return to work on-site at least three days per week starting this month. Amazon already laid off 27,000 jobs this year, which caused concerns among the tech company’s workers.

Amazon’s workforce doubled over the pandemic, during a hiring surge across almost the entire tech sector. CEO Andy Jassy admitted they overhired in this period. 

The company’s head of human resources rejected a petition from more than 30,000 employees who had asked for a reconsideration of the return-to-office mandate. 

It meant workers would have to work on-site, and those who lived in different cities and states would have to pack up, sell their homes and relocate.

This is despite not knowing if they would still have a job by the time they moved. 


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