Amid Its Efforts To Implement A Return To The Office Policy, Amazon Is Requiring Workers To Relocate


Amazon is intensifying its return-to-office (RTO) policy by requesting remote workers to relocate, regardless of the significant distance from their homes and usual work locations.

According to a Bloomberg report, certain corporate Amazon employees will be expected to move to meet the company’s three-day-per-week office attendance mandate.

Additionally, various other sources have suggested that employees stationed in smaller Amazon offices might be compelled to work from the company’s larger, central locations (as reported by The Associated Press).

According to reports, specific details regarding the types of workers required to return to Amazon’s main buildings, including those in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco, have not been confirmed yet. TechRadar Pro has reached out to Amazon to inquire about the possibility of worker relocation and which employees would be affected. As of now, the company has not responded to the request for comment.

A spokesperson for Amazon mentioned to Bloomberg that the company believes there will be increased energy, collaboration, and connections among employees working from the office, aligning with previous statements by CEO Andy Jassy, highlighting the advantages of in-person work over hybrid setups in terms of productivity.

It’s worth noting that some Amazon workers worldwide have expressed their opinions about how the company treats its employees. Earlier in May, nearly 2,000 workers committed to a walkout in protest against Amazon’s return-to-office mandate and its perceived failure to meet certain climate goals. However, the company reported that out of its 350,000 global corporate and tech employees, only 300 participated in the walkout.

Since October 2022, over 27,000 Amazon workers have been laid off as the company sought ways to streamline operations after overhiring during the pandemic and facing challenges in the subsequent tough economy.


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