Almost 25% Of Germans Work Remotely

Germany’s work culture has changed recently, particularly within the service sector.

A new study revealed that more than a third of service sector employees work from home at least part of the time.

The findings from the Ifo Economic Research Institute reveal work habits and preferences in Germany.

Approximately 24.1% of workers in Germany were working from home, at least partially, as of February 2024.

This trend has remained stable for the past two years, indicating that remote work has become a new norm in the country’s labor market.

The data further shows a disparity in remote work adoption between different sizes of companies and sectors.

In small and medium sized companies 20.5% of employees work from home regularly. This rises to 32.1% in larger companies.

The service sector leads with 34.1% of its workforce working remotely.

There is a lower percentage in industries such as trade (12.2%) and construction (5.4%).

While the benefits of in-person collaboration remain undisputed, the adoption of remote work practices signals a shift in work culture.


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