Albania is Launching Its First Digital Nomad Global Festival


Albania is opening its doors to digital nomad entrepreneurs from all over the world for its first digital nomad festival. The event is being held in Tirana, the country’s capital, between September 14 and 16. 

Many European countries are giving digital nomads visas and permissions that allow them to say for more than one year. Albania is among the countries where Americans can live for up to a year without a requirement other than their nationality. And now, the country is launching its first Digital Nomad Festival seeking to attract location-independent entrepreneurs and long-term travelers who work remotely. 

Albania’s Digital Nomad Festival

Albania is considered one of Europe’s top-rated nomad destinations. The country will be holding its event between September 14 and 16 in Tirana, the capital city and the country’s cultural and financial center. 

The event will be headlined by a total of 47 speakers from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. The master of ceremony will be Dean Kuchel, also known as the “King of Digital Nomads.”


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