Adobe Announces Hybrid Work Plans

Adobe announces hybrid work plans
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Software giant Adobe is adopting a hybrid work model despite investing millions of dollars to build a new office tower in San Jose. They announced on Thursday that the employees will spend only half of their work time in the office.

“Last year, when it became clear that work was never going back to the way things were, we saw an opportunity and need to reimagine the employee experience and develop a future-of-work approach that leverages the best of in-person and virtual interactions to foster creativity, innovation, and culture. While we believe in the value of in-person interactions, we know that in some cases, a remote work arrangement makes sense for Adobe and the individual.”Gloria Chen, HR Chief, Adobe

Adobe’s San Jose offices will open on July 14 at 50% capacity. The hybrid work model will start in the company’s U.S. facilities and later this year, the rollout will expand to other countries. 

Chen wrote in the Adobe blog:

“We expect to double the size of our remote worker population over time as we learn and iterate on making this model successful.” Gloria Chen, HR Chief, Adobe

To create this hybrid work plan, Adobe conducted interviews with hundreds of employees and leaders. They also surveyed their employees from around the world to understand their preferences.

Adobe currently has 22,516 employees across the globe. 47% of their staff is outside the U.S. There are about 3,700 employees in downtown San Jose.

While they’re moving to a hybrid work model, Adobe said in the email on Thursday, “We have no plans at this time to lease out our office space or reduce space.” The company will stay committed to San Jose and investing in the community.

The company will,

“double down on digital tools and workflows across the employee experience … to enable our people to be productive working wherever they are.”Gloria Chen, HR Chief, Adobe

Their “smart digital campus app” called Adobe Life will provide curated news and information in accordance to the location. The app has features like navigation, conference room bookings and pre-ordering meals.

“Employees can stay connected to each other with personalized community engagement and custom notifications powered by artificial intelligence.”Gloria Chen, HR Chief, Adobe

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