According to New Report, Full-Time Remote Work Is Plummeting

A new report by EY shows that remote work is dying down in favor of back-to-the-office mandates.

Ernst & Young LLP has this week released its third annual EY Future Workplace Index, a national research survey that provides insight into the C-suite of US companies. 

The findings show that there’s been a remarkable shift away from fully remote working in the last 12 months.

EY US survey respondents reported that full-time remote working has plummeted from 34% in 2022 to just 1% in 2023. 

99% of respondents indicated that they required employees to be in the office at least two days a week, with 32% requiring three days a week.

Only 1% of employees are being asked to go into the office once a week or less. 

This will have a positive economic impact not only for real estate agents but the retail and hospitality businesses in surrounding office areas.

The drop in fully remote work highlights a likely chance that office towers and parks will start coming back to life.

Around 80% of companies reported that their employees’ productivity had been “somewhat or much higher” over the past 24 months.

In contrast, around 28% of leaders felt their employees were equally productive when they work from home.


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