86% Maritime Organizations Have Adopted Remote Work

Maritime remote work
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

The maritime human resources experts at Spinnaker have released the findings of their research on remote and hybrid working, and 86% of respondents said that they have implemented some type of remote working following the covid outbreak.

A formal policy for remote working arrangements is currently in place for nearly half (45%) of respondents. The most common work schedule is a hybrid one that permits two days of work from home each week and has been adopted by 31% of firms.

Geographically, the UK, Singapore, and the USA are the top three countries that have embraced remote employment. The majority of respondents (70%) said that all of their workers are eligible for remote work, and some added that line manager clearance is also necessary.

40% of respondents who have not yet implemented remote working policies state that they are either open to the concept or planning to do so soon. While some companies have been hesitant to implement new arrangements, market realities are biting, according to Phil Parry, chairman and co-founder of Spinnaker.

“The employment market has vastly changed. Attracting and retaining talent has become harder post-pandemic – in part thanks to the Great Resignation. In an increasingly competitive market to retain and recruit talent, salary is no longer enough to entice candidates to join a company – or to stay once they’ve come aboard. Embracing remote/hybrid working has become almost a necessity. On the positive side, it’s a great way to motivate staff, boost their wellbeing and to show that they are trusted.”Phil Parry, chairman and co-founder, Spinnaker

A report on remote and hybrid working was created in June 2022 with input from the Maritime HR Association.

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