50% Of SEZ Employees Can Now Work From Home

SEZ work from home
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

A business operating within the SEZ may now allow up to 50% of its workforce, including contractual workers, to work from home or from locations outside the SEZ. In a notification dated July 14th, the Department of Commerce from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry amended the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Rules, 2006.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has introduced a new regulation to the SEZ rule book called 43A (work from home).

The new rule book includes a list of the types of employees (including contractual workers) who will be allowed to work remotely. These people include those who work remotely, are temporarily unable to work, are travelling, or work in IT and ITeS SEZ units.

With remote and hybrid models becoming common within various countries and industries, it is not surprising to see remote work rules and policies. Also, a four day work week has become common.

From some countries offering digital nomad visas and tax-free stay to remote workers to companies ditching their offices and going permanently remote, there’s no stopping this norm that started as a mere emergency measure during the pandemic.

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