44% of Irish Employees Prioritize Working Remotely

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A survey carried out by Ireland’s Western Development Commission looked into employment preferences in Ireland.

According to the research, 44% of those surveyed would change jobs, even if it means a pay cut, if their remote working preferences are not facilitated.

In the Annual Remote Work Survey 2023, 92% of respondents indicated that remote/hybrid working would be a key factor in their decision to change employer.

The findings are from the first of three data collection waves of the 2023 annual National Remote Working Survey, led by Professor Alma McCarthy and Policy Analyst, Deirdre Frost.

The survey gathered responses from almost 6,000 respondents in late September and early October on their experience of remote working.

It found 59% of respondents are currently working hybrid (sometimes remotely, sometimes onsite). 38% are working fully remotely. Only 3% are working fully onsite.

55% of respondents indicated that they would change job if their remote working/hybrid working preferences are not facilitated. They would do so even if it means less promotion opportunities.

The vast majority, 88.7% of those working hybrid, work remotely at home. A small portion work remotely from a mix of their home, hub and at client sites, 7.9%.

19% of respondents say they would consider relocating. 15% may consider relocating due to their experiences of remote working since COVID-19.

Allan Mulrooney, Chief Executive of the Western Development Commission, commented on the issue. He said: ‘The latest national survey findings underscore a significant shift in our perspective on remote work.

They reveal that Irish workers now anticipate a continued embrace of the hybrid work model to better align with their lifestyles. 

’If we persist in prioritising and fostering an environment conducive to remote work, the lasting impact, particularly in rural areas, is undeniable.’


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