3M Offers Multiple Work Models To Employees

Flexible work models
Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

3M launched its Work Your Way model on August 6. The model allows the employees to choose from a range of working options: flexible, on-site, hybrid and remote work.

The plan will be rolled out worldwide and according to a spokesperson, the model may be implemented differently owing to different legal and regulatory requirements in each country. The unique model doesn’t override local labour laws that define specific hours of work or specific rest breaks.

“In Singapore, our local implementation team is working with our Human Resources and Legal teams to roll-out this new model in line with local considerations, such as labour laws and regulations, and the COVID-19 and return-to-workplace situation.”Spokesperson, 3M

According to the spokesperson, the new model is an expansion of 3M’s flexible work model that has been in existence since 2015.

“The past year changed how we work and we have certainly learned a lot. We offered remote work where possible to non-production employees and adopted robust safety protocols in our plants, distribution centres and other sites. According to an EY survey of over 16,000 employees globally, the vast majority valued flexibility in where and when they work. (87% valued flexibility in where they work, while 88% valued flexibility in when they work).”Spokesperson, 3M

The unique model is built on a virtual-first mindset, where results and employee efforts matter rather than their work location.

“Innovation, collaboration and integrity drives our success – no matter where or how we work. We believe a more flexible way of working will help us drive growth, recruit and retain the best people. It will help us create stronger connections, better serve customers and advance our culture.”Spokesperson, 3M

Currently, Work Your Way is only to non-production employees. The model doesn’t impose any one particular way of working and each employee can choose what works best for them.

“3M continues to seek ways to build more flexibility into production roles. We’re grateful to our employees, especially the 50,000 people who work in our plants and distribution centers to make and ensure delivery of our critical products. Over time we will also redesign working spaces to be more flexible and collaborative.”Spokesperson, 3M

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