1 In 3 Remote Workers Travel While Working

A new vacation model is emerging. According to recent research, nearly one-third of Americans are secretly turning their vacations into work opportunities.

A survey conducted by OnePoll examined responses from 2,000 employed Americans.

The survey, conducted between January 30 and February 8, polled 1,000 American travelers and 1,000 hotel workers.

It revealed that 52% of respondents are open to working remotely during their travels.

Additionally, 29% have already done so without informing their workplace.

About 39% of those who mix work with travel say their motivation stems from a genuine enjoyment of their jobs. Others, pursue this path to meet crucial deadlines (28%) or to conserve their paid time off (26%).

Hotels are catching up to this trend, with many workers noticing that guests often extend their business trips to enjoy a few extra days of leisure. 

The preferred setup for 69% of survey participants is the comfort of their hotel room.

However, a noticeable number would rather work from more scenic parts of the hotel, like the pool, spa, or even the bar.

Plus, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the travel experience. 80% of respondents prefer hotels that offer advanced tech, such as automated check-ins or AI travel recommendations.

The merging of work and vacation reflects a larger trend of seeking flexibility and maximizing time. 


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