Yahoo Japan Allows Staff to Work From Anywhere

Tokyo, Japan

Yahoo Japan tells its 8,000 employees that they can do their jobs from anywhere they want in the East Asian country. And that the company will pay for their flights in the cases where they need employees to come to the office. 

Like many companies across the world, Yahoo Japan continues polishing its remote work policies. Employees at the company have been able to remote work since 2014. But with the pandemic the program expanded to reach almost all employees. 

Yahoo Japan’s Staff Will Now Work Remotely 

Yahoo Japan, which is owned by Softbank, is one of the country’s major IT companies. Its web portal is one of the most visited websites. And it offers a wide range of services that include a mobile payment system. 

With the pandemic, more and more employees started working from home, and currently, around 90% of Yahoo’s employees in Japan regularly work from their homes. 

Yahoo Japan President Kentaro Kawabe, said on Twitter:

“After dialogues and a number of surveys in which 90 per cent of employees said it either did not affect or even improved their performance at work, Yahoo has decided to let them live anywhere in the country.” 

Previously, although remote work was enabled, the staff had to live within a reasonable commuting distance of the company’s offices. Now, employees who want to live further from the company’s headquarters in Tokyo could do so. Additionally, they could claim travel expenses for domestic flights, long-distance buses, and express trains. Each employee will have a monthly allowance of ¥150,000 ($1,313).


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