WV’s Paid Remote Working Initiative Receives 2000 Applications

WV's paid remote work initiative application form on a mobile
Picture Credits: Unsplash.com

If you saw our recently posted news about West Virginia’s paid remote working initiative, you were probably already expecting the program to receive many applications! Brad Smith co-founded Ascend West Virginia in hope of attracting remote workers to live and to thrive in the Mountain State.

Brad Smith is the chairman and former president of Intuit. He wants others to experience the beautiful state fully and to have a good overall lifestyle. The program took off after Brad, with his wife Alys made a donation of $25 million.

Out of the three cities (Morgantown, Lewisburg and Shepherdstown), applications for Morgantown are now open. The city has already received more than 2,000 applicants for 50 spots!

“We discovered these communities needed certain attributes in place that these remote workers, when they moved there, would want to make it their permanent home,”Brad Smith

With the state’s outdoor recreation being the main attraction along with more affordable housing in thriving downtowns, the applications are only bound to increase.

What are the Perks of WV’s Paid Remote Working Initiative?

  • Each resident will be paid $12,000 over a period of two years – $10,000 over the first year and $2,000 after the end of the second year
  • Free outdoor equipment for rock climbing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities.

“In these co-working facilities where they’ll have the chance to congregate with fellow Ascend West Virginia remote workers, they’ll have access to equipment, where during their lunch hour or after work, they can go out and participate in mountain biking or rock climbing or anything else”Brad Smith

Smith said it is his way of giving back to his home state. He is happy to help the local economy. Seeing the bigger picture and having a vision for the future, he adds,

“They spend their salary in your local small businesses. They begin to start businesses themselves and then it attracts more people to come to the state. This thing is a virtual cycle that only gets better over time,”Brad Smith

Well, if West Virginia’s plan looks exciting to you, you can apply too. What’s better than working with a beautiful view and enjoying outdoor adventures from time to time? Let’s also not forget the cash incentive. A win, win and a win.


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