This Website Finds Cities that Pay Remote Workers to Relocate

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West Virginia, Charleston and many more places in the U.S. are paying remote workers to relocate. They’re offering attractive incentive packages that can benefit those who work remotely. The website that helps remote workers find the location of their dreams is MakeMyMove. It is free to use and aims at connecting remote employees with the best relocation incentive offers and packages across the country.

“What we found is that a lot of communities were trying to attract these folks but there wasn’t a single site or service that helped them do that.” Evan Hock, MakeMyMove Co-Founder

With so many companies, big and small, making remote work permanent, employees can choose to live where they want to. Many digital nomads prefer quieter places that also help them with outdoor recreation opportunities. Some others prefer reasonable options where they can save more money while also enjoying a good work-life balance.

“Maybe they want to be a little bit closer to family, maybe they want to buy a house and need to find a place that’s more affordable, could be that they want some land, or they want space.” Evan Hock, MakeMyMove Co-Founder

The website was launched in December 2020. It features 38 cities on the list and new cities are added every week. This will continue, given the situation that the number of companies that choose to work remotely are rising rapidly by the day.

”There are some estimates as high as 60 million people are currently working remote and about half of those we expect to remain remote, even after the pandemic.”Evan Hock, MakeMyMove Co-Founder

With financial incentives offered by cities going as high as $20,000, it is evident that many cities are making quite an effort in this new way of working. On the other hand, remote workers too will add a lot to the city’s overall economy.

“They recognize that bringing a company brings economic development. And one of the things that we do with communities is helping them calculate the actual value of these remote workers to the region, you know, so maybe they invest $10,000 for an incentive. These remote workers are enormously valuable, you know, they bring their income, their tax revenue, all of their local spending.”Evan Hock, MakeMyMove Co-Founder

MakeMyMove is also planning to partner with Oshkosh and Appleton. It isn’t finalized yet and they’re still in talks.

This website surely is going to help remote workers find the best place to relocate to. It makes it a lot easier by curating all the details in one place so that digital nomads don’t have to go searching on Google.

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