Talentica Software Announces 100% Remote Work policy

Remote work policy
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Software development service provider for startups, Talentica Software, launched a ground-breaking remote work policy for its 450+ workers. Talentica has chosen to adopt a remote work model in order to maximise employee flexibility and productivity, maintain top-talent recruiting, and strengthen coworker relationships.

This decision builds on Talentica’s two years of work-from-home experience, which was motivated by the global pandemic. Detailed tactics are included in the business’ innovative Distributed Work model to handle the difficulties of technical team collaboration over distance.

“After nearly two decades operating with employees coming into the office every day, it was a huge shift to suddenly have the entire company work from home, which we’ve continued for the past two years. We focus on hiring top engineers who are self-motivated, work independently and are comfortable with documentation and asynchronous work. Thus, we found that if our employees have the right tools to work remotely, their productivity and work satisfaction increases. At the same time, we also learned there are some challenges, such as building strong trust among team members, facilitating cross-team interactions, and maintaining a consistent culture across the company. We have taken these and other learnings into consideration within our Distributed Work policy, which includes a comprehensive set of strategies that address potential issues with an element of fun.”Nitin Shimpi, CEO and co-founder, Talentica Software

The pandemic has altered how individuals see their jobs. Employee motivation has shifted to being mostly driven by flexibility.

“Talentica has always had an employee-centric culture and so it was important to give employees a voice in determining how to structure the workplace moving forward. We surveyed employees to ask if they prefer to continue working remotely all the time, or would like a hybrid model, or want to come back into the office full-time. The majority of employees said a 100% remote work model was the most appealing. The results from the survey was a key factor in deciding to transition to a Distributed Work model permanently. The new model also includes the flexibility for individuals who prefer working in the office, as we continue to offer that option as well.”Anindita Dey, Head of People Group, Talentica Software

Talentica Software has won several awards from the industry for its technological prowess, workplace innovation, and expansion of business. Talentica Software was most recently chosen by the distinguished Great Place to Work® as one of India’s Top 75 Great Mid-Size Workplaces for 2022.

Many Indian tech companies are going fully remote which helps businesses cut costs and empower employees with more freedom and flexibility.

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