7 in 10 Big Firms in South Korea Allow Remote Work

South Korea

According to a recent poll, 7 in 10 big firms in South Korea are enabling employees to continue working remotely even after the government removed most anti-coronavirus curbs a month ago. 

In other words, 72.7% of respondents continue working from home. This ratio lowered from 18.8% to 91.5% in a similar survey in 2021.

South Korean Firms Encourage WFH

KEF, the largest business lobby in South Korea, said that some corporations stopped allowing employees to work from home when the government eased restrictions. For instance, in May, the government lifted the outdoor mask mandate, except for gatherings that had more than 50 people. 

According to the survey, nearly 44% of companies allowed remote work because they wanted a gradual return to normal. 21% mentioned building their remote work policies based on their staff preferences. 

About 52% of respondents expect remote working at large firms to return to a pre-pandemic level after the coronavirus crisis is over. 


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