Shopify is Offering a New Remote Learning Program

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OTTAWA, CANADA – NOVEMBER 11, 2018: Shopify Logo on their main office in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is a Canadian internet e-commerce plaform selling solutions to retailers Picture of a Shopify sign on their headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company offering solutions for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems, as well as payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools adapted to online store for small merchants

Shopify has been offering free computer science degrees and paid work at the company since 2016. Now, the only difference is that students can do the program 100% online from anywhere in Canada and selected U.S. states.  

When the pandemic started, the education industry had to transform their classrooms into Zoom rooms. With vaccination programs and the situation more controlled authorities are lifting restrictions to education institutions. Yet, most of them have started offering remote degrees and online education.

Shopify’s Free Degrees: Now a Remote Possibility 

The e-commerce giant has partnered, since 2016, with Canadian universities such as Ottawa’s Carleton University and Toronto’s York University to offer students computer science degrees at no cost. Additionally, after graduation, Shopify offers 90% of them the possibility of a full-time role. The entire package – salary and tuition – is worth $110,000 USD.

Now after a year of online education, Shopify’s scholarship program has the possibility to be remote. Students who wish to have online education will be able to do so without affecting their scholarship’s benefits. The company’s latest partnership is with Make School, a private computer science college from San Francisco that offers the computer science degree online as another option.

Back in May of last year, Shopify declared that we would be a remote-first company. We call it ”digital by design.” And we are not returning to our offices when it’s safe to do so—we will be working remotely. So, we went looking for a partner that would help us make that remote-first lifestyle available and accessible to a portion of our students. Some of our students are going to want the campus experience, but we have a lot of candidates who are not able to move to Toronto or Ottawa. Alison Evans Adnani, Dev Degree’sDegree’s Senior Program lead.

 Additionally to the traditional two-year computer science degree, Make School will also offer students a three-year learning remote Dev Degree program. This will allow students to attend class and work remotely for Shopify.


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