SheWorks: The First Female-Only Co-working Space In Saudi Arabia

Based in Saudi Arabia, SheWorks is the first female-only co-working space in the area. The space provides a safe space to work and attend courses for women to grow professionally and personally. 

For the last few years, Saudi Arabia has aimed to open up to more female workers as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Following this policy, female workers rose from 16.8% to 22%, and the government expects to reach 30% in the next ten years.

SheWorks: New Female-Only Co-working Space

Inspired by WeWork, SheWorks co-working space becomes an integral part of the project. 

The founder of the initiative, Maha Shirah, is a fellow member at the Businesses Women Committee in Riyadh Chamber and the Saudi Coordination Council for Women’s Labor. Since 2014, she has run the space to empower Saudi women in the workforce in a safe space.  

You can find only female staff and no men in this workplace, creating a safe space for women to grow their potential. In some Saudi workplaces, men and women work in separate rooms according to Islamic teaching. The workplace provides desks and meeting rooms to female-only businesses monthly. 

The female-only co-working space also offers a meeting room with a separate entrance for men to attend meetings and brainstorm. Finally, SheWorks provides business consultation and governmental services to its female clients to improve their skills and grow their businesses. All facilities have work essentials such as WiFi connection, air-conditioning, printers and scanners, and coffee.

The co-working space trend is taking over worldwide. And some of them are now a center for women to grow their professional careers with training and a safe space to work.

Based on Ath Thumamah Road, Riyadh, SheWorks is one of the most powerful examples of this trend. To see the available listings, check here


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