Remote Working App Enters Partnership With Village Hotels

Remote working app
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Swurf, a new venue sourcing software that links remote employees with workspaces has partnered with Village Hotels.

The app will first connect users to 21 Village Hotels around the United Kingdom, including Newcastle, Southampton, and other cities.

App users will be able to discover, book and access special deals from approved host venues that welcome remote workers.

Swurf aims to promote the use of hospitality venues (such as hotels, bars, and restaurants) as remote workplaces in order to aid the recovery of the hospitality industry and to improve the mental health of workers who have been working from home for extended periods of time and may be feeling isolated or disconnected.

Nikki Gibson, who has over 20 years of expertise in the events and hospitality industry, founded Swurf remote working app.

“We believe our innovative app is a real game-changer for the hospitality sector and what better business to partner with than Village Hotels. We know our subscribers will really welcome the vibrant remote working environment and professional facilities the hotel chain has to offer. Swurf is still in its infancy but is rapidly expanding across the UK as new subscribers and host venues come on board daily. Welcoming Village Hotels to the app provides a clear blueprint for other hospitality venues across the UK, that struggle to utilise and maximise revenue opportunities within its remote working spaces.”Nikki Gibson, Founder, Swurf

VWorks Business Ambassador, Jamie Hunter expressed why Swurf is the perfect partner.

“Swurf’s entire ethos and aim to connect a growing community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, home and remote workers with hospitality venues like ourselves, makes them the perfect partner. Through our VWORKs initiative, we’ve invested heavily in transforming our venues into a really attractive alternative to home working. With more businesses needing greater workplace flexibility for their employees, our hotels are tailored to provide hot desks and private meeting pods through to collaborative presentation facilities. This is underpinned by the unique business community we’ve been able to create at every location via regular networking events and seminars.”Jamie Hunter, VWorks Business Ambassador, Village Hotels

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