Remote Announces New Program to Give Refugees Remote Work Opportunities

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Remote, a global payroll, tax, and compliance solution for virtual teams, announced their new Remote for Refugees initiative. The program focuses on making it easy and cost-effective for businesses to invest in refugee talent. They are offering free global employment for all refugees currently living in countries where they have an entity. 

With the current crisis in Afghanistan and other neighboring countries, it’s harder for refugees to rebuild their lives. In many cases, they’ve had to leave everything behind them. Because of this, there are many companies and organizations worldwide looking for ways to help refugees improve their quality of life.

How is Remote Helping Refugees?

As a company that enables global employment opportunities, Remote has started this new program to provide refugees with resources to help them start their lives again. As they wrote on their website:

This work is more urgent than ever, with millions of people being displaced from Afghanistan, Syria, and other war-torn countries. As a company that enables global employment opportunities, we feel it is our moral responsibility to help refugees get back on their feet through dignified employment. Our mission is to open the vast potential of every person, business, and country, building a world where we can all thrive. 

The Remote for Refugees program offers to flee global employment for all refugees. These are some of the conditions for businesses to keep in mind:

  • The offer is available for all refugee talent that shows the documentation of their refugee status and the right to work (work permit) in their host country.
  • This discount will apply as long as the person holds refugee status.
  • Remote can employ refugees in any country where they have an entity – check out here in the Country Explorer to see what countries apply. 

Other Companies Supporting Refugees with Remote Work

  1. Chams: It’s currently training front and back-end web developers in Jordan. They provide tech education, employment, and training to refugee camps. 
  2. Na’amal: Provides soft skills training, mentorship, and links to the private sector. They partner with leading organizations to support refugees. 
  3. Re:Coded: Gives free coding boot camps and digital skills training in conflict-affected areas. 
  4. FlexJobs: Is giving special offers available for authorized refugee organizations or governments supporting refugees.
  5. Talent Beyond Borders: Focus on matching skilled refugees with companies in need of their skills. 

Interested in more information about how to support refugees? Contact them at [email protected] 


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