PepsiCo: Office Culture And Remote Work

Office Culture And Remote Work

PepsiCo reinvents its office culture with more remote work. The company launched a “Work that Works” plan to give more flexibility to employees. The primary location for work meetings won’t be the office anymore, and teams can arrange a flexible working schedule with their managers.

PepsiCo counts almost 290.000 employees, of which 80.000 are working in corporate offices and the remaining based in non-corporate environments. Before the global pandemic, the company had a flexible policy on remote work. Employees could ask to work from home up to two days per week upon managerial approval. Usually, around 65% of employees would take the option to work remotely. 

“Work that Works”: Office Culture And Remote Work 

After the pandemic, PepsiCo’s employees showed a preference for flexible options and hybrid models. As a result, the company launched the “Work that Works” plan based on three core points: 

  • Offices aren’t anymore the primary environment for work and meetings; 
  • Managers and employees can set their schedules and arrangements independently from the company;
  • The time in the office will be for creative projects, collaboration, resolutions of critical issues, and team celebrations. 

As Sergio Ezama, PepsiCo’s chief talent officer and chief human resources officer, said in an interview: “There are no limitations. There is no number of days you need to be in the office or a number of days you can be remote.” 

In addition, the company is changing the office space. For example, the headquarters in New York transformed two floors into open coworking spaces. Both managers and employees don’t have a fixed desk. They can access the floor map and pick a different seat every day. With the same app, they can access the facilities and order food. 

PepsiCo is joining the majority of companies opting for hybrid and flexible models. Combining office culture and remote work, the company tests a different model giving more freedom to its employees. 


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