Ocado Group Offers Employees Remote Work Opportunities

Ocado Group

Ocado Group, the UK tech company behind the online grocer, has announced that employees can now work abroad remotely for one month a year. This new policy takes place as the company moves towards a more flexible model that enables staff to have a better work-life balance. 

The £13.5 billion online grocer continues to encourage an onsite model as it helps their company culture to be stronger. The main policy remains on continuing with the pre-pandemic model. However, they will provide employees with remote work opportunities.

Ocado Group Allows Staff to Work Abroad

The firm’s staff has continued to ask for more work-from-home opportunities this year. According to Claire Ainscough, Ocado Group’s chief people officer, employees are still encouraged to return to the office. However, flexibility and remote work are part of their workplace structure. 

The Ocado Group’s new policies allow the staff who worked from home during the pandemic to continue doing their jobs remotely.  The staff can work abroad for a month every year. However, they are subject to certain restrictions, especially those who wish to locate outside the UK. The company mentioned that it wanted to offer a “balance and choice” in response to the WFH requests.

Government departments had recommended companies make a gradual return over the summer. Other companies have made a more decisive move towards remote work, such as the supermarket giant Asda, where staff can choose where they want to work.


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