Nooks: New Virtual Office Solution For Human Connection

virtual office solution

Nooks launches a virtual office solution to work and collaborate with the real-time human connection. Designed for distributed teams, the platform allows spontaneous conversations avoiding unproductive meetings and overwhelming chat notifications.

Nooks is a virtual office for distributed teams to strengthen team culture and encourage collaboration with customizable room environments, drop-in conversations, and virtual coworking spaces. Founded in 2020, the virtual office solution already has thousands of users, such as Workato, Embroker, and Stanford University. 

Following the global shift to remote work, most companies asked for better communication tools. Taking up these challenges, the software created an interactive working space to stimulate human connection while working remotely. The platform won a $5 million seed round led by Tola Capital with Floodgate. In addition, other backers like Julia and Kevin Hartz, CEO & chairman of Eventbrite, and Julia Lipton, founder of Awesome People Ventures, invested in the project. 

As Daniel Lee, Nooks CEO and co-founder of Nooks, said: “We’re solving a sociology problem, not just a technology problem. In our hasty transition to remote work, we forgot about the human element of working together. Remember when we could have normal conversations that weren’t scheduled? You could just turn your head and share an idea or ask a question. Nooks brings that magic online.”

Nooks Features For Virtual Office Solutions 

Nooks encourages creative collaboration with customizable rooms and coworking spaces, project rooms, hangouts. Besides the integration of popular tools such as Slack, Jira, Github, Asana, Google Docs, Figma, Mixpanel, and more, Nooks has multiple options for virtual socialization:

  • Project Rooms to work on specific goals or project launch. Jira boards, analytics dashboards, and shared docs are visible in the room to keep team members aligned. 
  • Coworking Spaces where people can hang together and brainstorm while working.
  • Virtual Sales Floors to celebrate wins and achievement stimulating human connection and team culture. 
  • Social Hangouts where team members can pick funny environments like beaches or music bars to build relationships with friends and coworkers. 
  • Interactive Events to bring people together with workshops and presentations.

Even moving towards hybrid models, remote work is still crucial for companies’ work and structure. New virtual office solutions bring together the necessity of working from home and socializing to build a team culture. 


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