New CCaaS Platform For Remote Work

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Nexans, BayCom New Zealand, and NICE partnered to improve NICE CXone, a platform for remote work. As a result, the service CCaaS platform supports local operations. For example, it implements Microsoft Teams and cloud strategies.  

During the pandemic, the New Zealand government imposes a strict policy for remote work. Nexans is the largest cable manufacturer on the island. After the COVID outbreak, the company needed stronger tech support to manage its distributed team. New Zealand headquorter witnessed the the successful implementation of  CXone in Nexans Australian contact center. So, the company partnered with NICE and BayCom for the local operations. 

Seeking a long-term solution, NICE CXone was the best platform for remote work. First, it supports integration with Microsoft Teams and remote operations. The platform offers ground for future digital business transformation. Second, the service CCaaS platform is a cloud-native omnichannel platform. As a result, it provides a flexible and efficient contact center environment to support remote teams. In addition, it reduces the necessity of on-premises hardware, incrementing the users’ control over the platform. 

As Nathan Fenwick, IT Manager, Nexans New Zealand, says: “The NICE CXone solution met every business requirement of Nexans New Zealand. It includes the need to integrate with Microsoft Teams down the track. The Australian offices already had the NICE CXone solution, which was working seamlessly, assuring that it could do the same for us.” 

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, most companies seek a functional platform for remote work. With the spread of hybrid distributed models, new tools to simplify remote work keep coming up. 


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