Mexico Drafts Health and Safety Regulations for Remote Workers

Mexico City

Mexico´s Federal Official Gazette published the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare´s (STPS) draft of NOM (Official Mexican Standard), which aims to implement protective measures for remote workers and their workspaces.

With remote work being implemented worldwide, new regulations are part of the panorama. Mexico, for instance, is looking forward to establishing basic conditions to ensure remote workers are safe. This also helps build equality among remote workers vs. office workers. 

Mexico´s Potential Health and Safety Regulations for Remote Workers

The draft aims to establish primary conditions and measures to prevent remote workers from diseases and accidents that could affect their physical integrity, life, and health. 

With this potential amendment to the Federal Labor Law, employers would be required to fulfill certain obligations, like agreeing with the employee on a place of work and ensuring the site has connectivity. 

Additionally, their worksite would have to have electricity, ventilation, and ergonomic conditions. Employees would be required to write a Telework Policy outlining risk prevention methods and providing mechanisms for employees to avoid isolation. 

Employees, on the other hand, would have to provide employers with written evidence of all physical safety conditions in the workplace and comply with the Telework Policy established by the employer.

The amendment establishes three types of risks and how employers can avoid them: 

1. Physical risks: work area needs to be clean, tidy, and free of unnecessary objects, with adequate ventilation and temperature.

2. Ergonomic risks: employees need a comfortable work environment with ergonomic equipment and accessories to carry out their duties.

3. Psychosocial risks: the workspace must provide privacy during the workday, preventing anyone from obstructing an employee´s activities and allowing them to disconnect after working hours.


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