Luxury Homes For Remote Workers

luxury homes remote workers


After over two years of the pandemic, people took advantage of remote positions to move longer to new places and work. Now, New luxury homes for remote workers are opening in Sudbury.

Converting luxury apartments to work from home is not new. However, projects for sophisticated houses for remote workers keep popping up to cope with fewer tourists and reactivate local economies worldwide. 

The 5 Nolan Circle in Sudbury is listed for $3,898,000. The buildings are part of the proprierties of Landon Estates, a collection of residences meant for working and family life. David Howe of Howe Development is developing the project, creating luxury homes for remote workers. 

In 8,900 square feet, the summer apartments will include: 

  • Five bedrooms
  • Five Full bathrooms
  • One-half bathroom 
  • Fitness center 
  • Media room 
  • Three-car garage 

In addition, the home provides an upstairs studio and two home offices to work from home without distractions. Moreover, a “Family Education Center” for support with children’s care. The first floor is decorated with sophisticated details like a coffered ceiling and wainscoting. And it includes a four-season veranda with a built-in grill and bar. Finally, the second floor has everything a house owner would want, from dressing rooms to additional en-suite bedrooms. 

So, even with COVID restrictions lifted, luxury homes for remote workers are still a growing trend

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