Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams For Remote Workers

remote workers' productivity

DENVER. Today Lumen Technologies launched Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams to help remote workers’ productivity. The software is a unified communication solution to improve remote work productivity, team agility, and customer support.

During the last year and a half, companies and government agencies witnessed the importance of remote communication for business continuity. While vaccination campaigns are slowly showing results, most businesses adopt a hybrid model investing in more efficient communication tools. For example, Apple and Logitech have already launched new devices to improve remote workers’ productivity.

Today, Lumen announces the new Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams. As senior director of product management at Lumen, Craig Richter said: “With Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams, businesses can easily adopt ‘work from anywhere’ policies because Lumen takes on the burden of managing the complex calling and collaboration tools that make remote work possible. Delivering one of the world’s most popular unified communications solutions over the Lumen platform gives customers access to a secure global network and a fast, secure platform for applications and data.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, unified communications and collaboration are critical priorities to keep efficient team productivity. The new Lumen software combines voice, video, and web services, providing a reliable user experience across multiple devices. In addition, Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams allows businesses to mix Microsoft Teams calls and collaboration tools with Lumen, including advanced reporting and analytics.

The company aims to adapt to a changing workplace, considering the impact of remote work on the job market. While some offices are reopening, companies are still investing in tools and strategies to improve remote workers’ productivity.

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