Learnerbly Moves to a Hybrid Work Model

Learnerbly employee hybrid work
Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

Workplace learning platform, Learnerbly is moving to a hybrid work model after trying a “full-remote” working model last year.

While working fully remotely in 2020, Learnerbly equipped their employees were equipped to deal with the right technology and tools to maintain a positive ‘virtual workplace’ culture. Employee well-being was a priority.

Learnerbly’s Remote Work and Hybrid Work Efforts

While working remotely, the company’s employees enjoyed the following benefits:

  • £500 work from home allowance to purchase the a home office setup and equipment.
  • Weekly £6 contribution for household bills.
  • ‘Surprise and delight’ gifts for employees sent by post periodically as a morale booster.
  • ‘Wellbeing-Wednesdays’, a day where company-wide meetings are avoided to help employees focus on their work.

When the company shifted to remote work, they realised that empowering and trusting employees to choose the best work style for themselves leads to more engaged workers. They’re also able to hire the best from a global pool of talent. Workers no longer have to spend time to commute.

According to Learnerbly, both the leadership and employees have enjoyed remote work benefits. This is why they’re now moving to a hybrid work model. Employees can choose to work remotely or from the on-site office. The flexibility of a hybrid work model gives employees an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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